What platforms do publishers use to host books/book chapters?

Hi, Collin from Crossref here.

One requirement for Crossref membership is that any object for which a member registers a DOI, be that for a journal article, book, book chapter, report, or anything else, must have a landing page.

Recently, an applicant who plans to register DOIs for the books and book chapters they publish asked for recommendations about how they should create landing pages for their books/chapters. We have some discussion on the PLACE about choosing the right journal platform and a post from last year about why a publisher might publish ebooks open-access but I wondered if members of the PLACE community had other thoughts, experiences, and insights about book-hosting platforms that have worked for them…especially ones that enable the easy creation of landing pages to comply with Crossref’s landing page guidelines.

Let us know about your experiences with various hosting platforms and tools. What’s worked well? What challenges have you encountered?


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A landing page just means a web page. The page itself could be anything at all in a web server. The bigger question is how the member intends to provide access to the books. Are the books open access? Are they intending to publish hundreds of books a year, or just one book? Do they intend to provide a biography page for the author? Do they care how the web pages appear? Are the books PDF or ePub or HTML, or are they just trying to sell paper books? DOIs are really intended to be web-centric, and there are alternative identifiers of ISBN for books if they don’t intend to provide access to the books over the web. If they intend to be web-centric then there are still many questions for the member to work out.