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Things are best achieved by working together. Here at the Publishers Learning and Community Exchange we aim to make it easier for you to find solutions to problems, access the most relevant information, gain a better understanding of publishing processes and standards, and share experiences and best practices.

We realize that the sheer number of agencies involved in regulating and preserving scholarly content is in itself a challenge, and can be very confusing for new organizations. We envisaged the PLACE as a ‘one stop shop’ to information to support publishers in adopting best practices the industry developed.

We also hope that by setting the information service as a forum, we will encourage open exchange with publishers who aspire to do things right. Please browse through the topics of interest. Please ask questions in response to posts already existing on this forum, and by starting new topics within any of the forum categories (you will need to register as a user to do that).

Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself briefly to colleagues in this community and read others’ introductions.


Well, someone has to be the first to introduce themselves.

My name is Collin Drummond. I am a first-year MSLS student at UNC-Chapel Hill, and I am interested in Scholarly Publishing, especially Open Access. My current work involves publication support for cancer researchers and compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy, and over the summer I will be working in our library’s Scholarly Communications Office.

I’m just beginning to get into the world of Scholarly Publishing, so I have far more questions than I have answers. I look forward to hearing from others on this forum and seeing what conversations develop.


Welcome Collin! Any questions please do feel free to add here. (Natalie @COPE)

Hi Collin!

One good resource to get to know the publishing process, in general, is through ACS Author Lab. It is free to access, on-demand, and self-paced.

For Open Science the ACS Open Science site will link you to information and resources about the process, funding, agreements, etc.

You can Google both!


Greetings! It should be great to join a learning group discussing about publishing.

I have interest in sholarly journal publication. Currently, I am assisting some journals in national level under the topic of social, politics, law, and, especially, human rights. Hopefully, the journals can internationally indexed soon.

Here, I wish to discuss some topic about publisher, publication, and publishing.

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Hi Theo, do feel free to ask your questions here and the group can share their answers with you!

Hello! I’m Sergio Santamarina, serving as the head librarian at the central library of the University of José C Paz in Argentina. Additionally, I oversee the digital information management department, where we support the University Press by managing the OJS and OMP portals.

While all our publications are freely accessible, we encounter challenges in aspects such as assigning DOIs to each article due to cost constraints. I’m eager to explore avenues to index our journals and books in directories like DOAJ and DOAB, thus ensuring our university’s intellectual contributions gain global recognition despite potential language barriers.

Looking forward to expanding our reach and impact. Cheers, Sergio Santamarina